ChromaWay and Social Enterprise Ghana Form Partnership to Support Blockchain Development in Africa

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – June 22, 2021 Today, we are pleased to announce that ChromaWay has entered into an agreement with Social Enterprise Ghana (SE Ghana). SE Ghana is a network of 720 high impact social entrepreneurs and 16 hubs supporting the development of the social enterprise ecosystem in Ghana through policy, advocacy, training and skills development and connecting members to market and finance.

As part of the partnership, ChromaWay will support a series of workshops introducing our technology, including the Chromia Blockchain, to entrepreneurs, developers, and policymakers. We will also be holding a hackathon and providing strategic investments to the most promising teams and ideas.

SE Ghana will provide ChromaWay introduction to prospective partners and companies who have expressed an interest in blockchain. SE Ghana will also recruit aspiring entrepreneurs through University partnerships to provide fresh ideas and talent to the incubator program. As part of the initial program, the Regent University College of Science and Technology will participate. Located in Accra, Regent University is recognized as one of the leading private science and technology universities in Ghana.

One of the keys to future blockchain adoption is ensuring that the technology has a steady stream of fresh ideas, development skills, and ambition from global partners. This partnership is a significant step in a larger goal of building an expansive network of applications.

Edwin Zu-Cudjoe, Executive Director of Social Enterprise Ghana noted that: “Social Enterprise Ghana is excited to partner with ChromaWay in providing top notch training for young social entrepreneurs in Ghana that want to use blockchain solutions to address Ghana's social, environmental and economic challenges for both profit and impact. This partnership will serve as a springboard for social innovation and transformation, contributing to a future in which Ghana enjoys shared prosperity”.

Henrik Hjelte, CEO of ChromaWay, added: “We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Social Enterprise Ghana and the opportunity to leverage our blockchain technology and experience to help accelerate innovation business and public sector solutions in Ghana. We can also build on the efforts of Swedish development partners like Inclusive Business Sweden and the Ghana Sweden Chamber of Commerce who have had long partnerships with SE Ghana”

About ChromaWay

ChromaWay, established in 2014, is the creator of the relational blockchain, a new blockchain architecture which combines the power and flexibility of a relational database and the fault tolerant decentralised security of a blockchain. Relational blockchain powers Chromia, our public platform for decentralized applications. Relational blockchain allows Chromia to offer a user and developer experience which no other blockchain platform can match. ChromaWay has a track record of working on enterprise projects since 2015, from banking infrastructure to public sector applications. We are known for several applications in land registration and real-estate processes on four continents,  applications in green finance and in payments.

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About Social Enterprise Ghana

SE Ghana is the national network of high impact social entrepreneurs in Ghana. The goal of SE Ghana is to organize and develop a strong ecosystem for the social enterprise sector by increasing funding, driving policy, intensifying learning and innovation and ensuring that there is adequate research and data on the sector.

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