ChromaWay Joins the Hack for Earth Initiative

ChromaWay Joins the Hack for Earth Initiative

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – 28/09, 2021 - Today, we are pleased to announce that ChromaWay has entered into an agreement with Hack for Earth to join the global hackathon. The Hack for Earth online global hackathon is organized by the Hack for Earth Foundation in collaboration with the UN and the Swedish Pavilion to find tangible solutions to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at Expo 2020 Dubai. The online hackathon has invited over 10,000 participants from all over the world, including regional authorities, private companies, non-profit organizations, and citizens.

About Hack for Earth Hackathon

People from all over the world are invited to join the online hackathon, where the participants will group into teams and use their skills to solve sustainable development goals. The event aims to be as inclusive as possible - anyone with a computer, internet access, and the ability to communicate in English can apply.

The application process began on the 1st of September, and the event will officially begin on October 22, 2021. Throughout the two-week hackathon period, teams will work on their SDG solutions while having access to mentors, workshops, open data, and additional support from event partners. The deadline for teams to submit solutions is November 7th.

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"This collaboration with ChromaWay will create unique possibilities for us to build the international platform for citizen-driven innovation that the world needs to tackle the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We welcome the collaboration with ChromaWay, and look forward to working together to create value for the competing teams joining the Hack for Earth hackathon. We see that we share similar values when it comes to creating real possibilities for young people to take an active part for global change ", says Ann Molin, Founder and Secretary General of the Hack for Earth Foundation.

Hack for Earth is about three good things - Sustainability, Diversity and Impact. If you want a hands-on possibility to create real change for our future, you should join the global online hackathon Hack for Earth!


The UN 17 global goals is at the heart at everything we do. Together with all parts of society - private and public sector, academia and citizens of all ages- we find the solutions we need for the society of tomorrow.


We know that the best solutions for society comes from bringing all kinds of competences, backgrounds, ages and experiences together, breaking down silos and barriers and building new bridges in the process.


A great idea is nothing if it isn’t made a reality. By supporting the winning solutions from Hack for Earth in the Acceleration Program Build for Earth, our goal is to create real tools for citizens to use in their everyday life.

"We are very excited to be part of this hackathon. We believe the future is decentralized and we want to facilitate the transition to decentralized systems and solutions that give power back to the people. We saw the potential of crowdsourcing global challenges to the world and we see there can be a great collaboration and promising outcomes with this hackathon", says Henrik Hjelte, Co-Founder and CEO of ChromaWay.

About ChromaWay

ChromaWay, established in 2014, is the creator of the relational blockchain, a new blockchain architecture that combines the power and flexibility of a relational database and the fault-tolerant decentralized security of a blockchain. Relational blockchain powers Chromia, our public platform for decentralized applications. Relational blockchain allows Chromia to offer a user and developer experience which no other blockchain platform can match. ChromaWay has a track record of working on enterprise projects since 2015, from banking infrastructure to public sector applications. We are known for several applications in land registration and real-estate processes on four continents,  applications in green finance, and in payments.

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About Hack for Earth Foundation

The Hack for Earth Foundation was founded by Ann Molin in 2021 and works to support citizen-driven innovation and research. The foundation’s goal is to find socially beneficial and sustainable digital solutions and services, where authorities, the private sector, organizations, academics, citizens, and other actors in society are involved through innovation competitions, hackathons, and other events. The foundation aims to contribute to the creation and realization of new smart, sustainable solutions for citizens all over the world.

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