ChromaWay signs multi-year licensing deal with fashion and lifestyle brand ELLE

The partnership between the Sweden-based blockchain company and Lagardere Group, owner of the ELLE lifestyle brand, will extend fashion, style, and more to the metaverse.

The collaboration will see ELLE branded experiences and quests incorporated into the open-world metaverse game My Neighbor Alice. The game, which spun off from ChromaWay’s Antler Interactive Studios, is notable within the crypto space for its goal to deliver a light-hearted and inclusive experience that will appeal to casual gamers of all genders.

“Collaboration with ELLE will serve as a showcase for the ways that major global companies can explore brand engagement in the metaverse,” said Joel Satin, Head Of Commercial Development at ChromaWay. “Players will experience a new set of ways to interact with the brand in an entirely virtual setting. We believe that this collaboration can serve as an inspirational model for other companies thinking about entering into the metaverse for the first time.”

The move is part of a push by ChromaWay to bring more brands into the ecosystem developing around its upcoming public blockchain platform, Chromia.

About ChromaWay

ChromaWay, established in 2014, is the creator of relational blockchain - a new architecture that combines the power and flexibility of a relational database with the decentralized security of a blockchain. This technology powers our enterprise solutions as well as Chromia, our public platform for decentralized applications. ChromaWay has developed applications for clients across the globe in several sectors, including banking, supply chain, real estate, and green finance.