LAC PropertyChain Takes Another Step Forward in Pilot Program

LAC PropertyChain Takes Another Step Forward in Pilot Program

We are pleased to report that LAC PropertyChain, a Dapp developed on the Chromia blockchain, is holding multiple demonstration events in August 2021 for stakeholders in Peru.

LAC PropertyChain is an application designed to streamline the documentation of property sales and other transactions. Its creation was sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank and in collaboration with its blockchain initiative LACChain as part of its goal to promote prosperity in Latin America while developing and maintaining blockchain based infrastructure.

Since 2019, the application has been actively developed by Bolivian based company Jalasoft. The upcoming demonstration events are a key step in bringing the LAC PropertyChain into ‘real world’ use in Peru and other countries in Latin and South America.

Further updates will be provided as the development and implementation of this application progresses. For more information, check out the links below to previous blog articles regarding this project:

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