ChromaWay establishes Blockchain Development course at Regent University in Ghana

ChromaWay establishes Blockchain Development course at Regent University in Ghana

In June of 2021, we released this article announcing our initiative with Social Enterprise Ghana (SE Ghana) to help advance blockchain development in the country. The program also included a collaboration with Regent University College of Science and Technology, one of the leading private science and technology universities in Ghana.

Through the combined efforts of SE Ghana, Regent University, and ChromaWay, we have established a Blockchain Development course in the Bachelor thesis program offered to computer science students enrolled at the university.

The course aim is for students to acquire basic knowledge and skills in blockchain programming, highlighting both existing challenges and specific nuances in blockchain programming. This course will first provide an overview of the technological mechanisms behind cryptocurrencies and distributed consensus and distributed ledgers (blockchains), introducing along the way the necessary cryptographic tools. The course includes an introduction to blockchain programming through Chromia and its programming language Rell. Students will leave this class with a better understanding of what blockchain technology is, what types of problems are best suited for blockchain-based solutions, as well as a more thorough understanding of the impact that blockchain technology is having across the globe.

The program has been running for 3 months, and feedback from students and faculty has been very positive. At the conclusion of the semester, the students will be given the chance to show off their projects and knowledge through hackathons and other events coordinated by SE Ghana, with the ultimate goal of collaborating with regional authorities, private companies, and non-profit organizations in an effort to improve the world through blockchain-based innovation.

Kwadwo Attah Opoku, Coordinator of Computing Department Regent University College of Science and Technology said that: The partnership with ChromaWay has been very fruitful and has served as a great opportunity for our students to learn and prepare blockchain solutions to our local and worldly problems we have today. The possibilities of blockchain technology are endless. This course will hopefully equip our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be the impact that today's society needs.
Edwin Zu-Cudjoe, Executive Director of Social Enterprise Ghana added: “Social Enterprise Ghana is excited to partner with ChromaWay in providing top notch training for young social entrepreneurs in Ghana that want to use blockchain solutions to address Ghana's social, environmental and economic challenges for both profit and impact. This partnership will serve as a springboard for social innovation and transformation, contributing to a future in which Ghana enjoys shared prosperity”.

About ChromaWay

ChromaWay, established in 2014, is the creator of relational blockchain - a new architecture that combines the power and flexibility of a relational database with the decentralized security of a blockchain. This technology powers our enterprise solutions as well as Chromia, our public platform for decentralized applications. ChromaWay has developed applications for clients across the globe in several sectors, including banking, supply chain, real estate, and green finance.