Chromapolis demo is released!

Chromapolis demo is released!

ChromaWay has released the first dev preview of Chromapolis, giving to developers the great opportunity to test both the platform and Rell - a new relational blockchain programming language.

This is a milestone in the development of Chromapolis. Now every developer has an opportunity to try out the platform and make mainstream dapps.

ChromaWay aims to have enough infrastructure in place for serious dapp development before launching the mainnet or generating tokens. With actual dapps ready at the mainnet launch Chromapolis will have the best possible start and the best hope of attracting a diverse range of providers, bootstrapping a healthy ecosystem.

This developer preview is an important step in that ChromaWay wants to give the dapp developer community an early look at what they will be able to achieve with Chromapolis and Rell. The previewers will have an opportunity to see the first simple IDE, try out a completely new programming language Rell - relational blockchain based and with a compiler to experiment with.

The platform is ready to try out here! Feedback at this stage is crucial, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts at

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